Raymond C. Dabney University

"Most universities provide a traditional education: We provide an education full of tradition"




The Goal of Raymond C. Dabney University [R.C.D.U.] is ”to provide the financially challenged communities an affordable opportunity to acquire a quality legal education within a structured and regulated program in law.”

What is R.C.D.U.?

R.C.D.U. is a compliment of a California online university and live seminars and workshops presented by a dedicated and experienced faculty of law professors that offers general educational development designed to take you to the forefront of your profession. Our curriculum delivers foundational knowledge and real-world skills to immediately prepare you to your career. It will incorporate several existing companies that are now providing some of these services in a limited fashion. It will provide the financial and managerial resources needed to expand those offerings rapidly' and establish several new paradigms for non-traditional education, initially in the fields of law and business, later expanding as market conditions dictate. Raymond C. Dabney University is the only university that can and most importantly will provide the flexibility, affordability and accessibility to the general public needed to provide this level of education..


There are four ingredients that collectively comprise the R.C.D.U.’s recommended online law school R.C.D.U. Program:
Online Enrollment: An online law school whose Juris Doctorate [JD] graduates are eligible to take the California Bar Examinations [First Year Law School Exam F.Y.L.S.X. & General Bar Exam G.B.X.] Qualified prospective law students are enrolled with R.C.D.U.’s recommended online law school, American Heritage University of Southern California (A.H.U.S.C.) and all of its benefits including applications, enrollment, grading of mid-term / final exams transcripts, degrees, and California Bar eligibility.

Live legal instruction: Live legal instruction from dedicated and experienced law professors who believe in the goals and mission of R.C.D.U..

Apprenticeship: The opportunity to learn Evidence, Civil and Criminal Procedure in a courtroom; not a classroom.

Sliding Tuition Scale: “Law school for the rest of us.”


The R.C.D.U. / A.H.U.S.C. Relationship:
Raymond C. Dabney Education Group is a privately held Nevada corporation who collaborates with A.H.U.S.C. a registered online law school in the State of California. A.H.U.S.C.'s graduates are awarded a Juris Doctor degree and are eligible to sit for the California General Bar Examination [CBX].

R.C.D.U. would provide the following:

Law Professors giving live lectures

Law School in a tablet type computer including all:

  • Curricula
  • Syllabi
  • Lesson Plan
  • Exams Q&A's


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