The Mission of Raymond C. Dabney University is to provide to working adults of the community an affordable opportunity to acquire a quality legal education within a structured and regulated program in law leading to the degree of Juris Doctor. How is this accomplished?

  • R.C.D.U. enrolls you in an approved California online school of law. R.C.D.U. presently recommends American Heritage University School of Law [A.H.U.S.C.]. This is the online law school selected by R.C.D.U. because of its excellent curriculum, syllabi, lesson plans and testing procedures. It should be noted that A.H.U.S.C. is a completely separate and independent law school program. There is no legal relationship whether corporate, partnership or otherwise. A prospective law student is free to enroll just in A.H.U.S.C..
  • A.H.U.S.C. or any qualified California online law school provides the necessary textbooks and related law school materials which qualifies law students to receive a Bachelor of Science in Law [B.S.L.]; and the Juris Doctorate [J.D.] making qualified graduates eligible for the First Year Law School Exam [F.Y.L.S.X.] at the end of Year 1; and the General Bar Exam [G.B.X.] after Year 4 of law study.
  • R.C.D.U. provides you what is lacking in a pure online form of law study; and that is workshops and seminars taught by qualified and dedicated law professors. However the opportunities offered by R.C.D.U. including live workshops and seminars would not be available to them..
  • R.C.D.U. is addressing the obvious shortage of people of color. It is not just talk the talk; but walk the walk. Raymond C. Dabney created this educational opportunity to those groups of otherwise qualified prospective law students whose final barrier of financial opportunities is being attacked by R.C.D.U.. It is Raymond C. Dabney’s goal to “level the playing field.” The primary groups of color include African Americans, Hispanics and Native-Americans.

Students of Raymond C. Dabney University will be measured by the same criteria, and in the same manner, as are law students enrolled in similar institutions offering legal training and will be sustained in that education by the support of the university and its faculty and by the dedication of all to the profession of law and its lifetime of commitment.

Raymond C. Dabney University has exemplified the ideal stated by the Dean to keep its standards high; live lectures of 270+ hours per year available with at least 8 hours per week of live legal instruction; instruction strong; video and online supplemental lectures informative; and creative in an effort to graduate well trained, large minded, morally based lawyers who, as they gain experience, may become an asset to the bar, the judicial system, to their tribe or their community; and the country. This University has developed a creative method of accomplishing this goal. There are seven primary elements necessary to accomplish the above-mentioned goal:

  • A talented, dedicated, creative, and intellectual faculty to both create video and live classroom lectures that are educational, informative, and interesting.
  • A diverse and well-structured curriculum.
  • An organized and committed administrative staff that understand and appreciate the notion that "you alone can make your dreams take flight. Just consider us your flight school.”
  • A collection of highly motivated, self-disciplined, independent students who have set a goal and are seeking our help to prime that pump of motivation.
  • Excellent, proven and relevant law study books, outlines, and related study materials used in major law schools throughout the nation.
  • A practical as well as an academic approach to the study of American and Native American Law. Not just academic, but bar review as well.
  • Legal apprenticeship, the age-old practice of hands-on legal training in a mentor / under study format. There are lawyers in the same building who will allow qualified law students to work on selected cases in Tribal Courts or in their own community courts for credit and experience.

The staff at the University realizes that there are many schools from which to choose. It does not intend to take any prospective or enrolled student for granted. It is this commitment to intellectual enterprise and legal experience that moves the forces of this institution.

Raymond C. Dabney University wants to confirm the idea that our attendance study also involves home study, and as such, one will need strong motivation and determination. The capacity to "go it alone" is therefore essential. This reflects the need for live workshops and seminars because it is difficult to pass the bar examinations without this live law professor feedback.

In conclusion, the Raymond C. Dabney University is proud to provide in addition to online education; both live lectures and video supplemental information formatted in a convenient, practical and affordable legal education to prospective law students.

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